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MacKeeper™ is an excellent tool for your Mac that will make you stop worrying about your computer ever again. You do not need to have specialized computer and Mac knowledge, you do not have to browse thousands of webpages on how to improve your Mac. You only have to trust one of the best system tools and download it on your computer. MacKeeper™ is a very clear and intuitive app, however in case of any questions, doubts or problems, just contact one of our assistants who are available 24/7 by phone, email or chat!

Mac Keeper
Mac Keeper

Finds And Fixes Errors

MacKeeper™ is highly effective at scanning, detecting and eliminating potential threats to your Mac. It is designed not to miss, omit, or ignore any problem, as is often the case with other programs.

Mac Keeper

Optimizes RAM

It removes any files that take up space on your Mac while being unnecessary. This means that you can quickly and easily get rid of temporary files, redundant duplicates, applications for other systems, and widgets.

Mac Keeper

Checks for Updates

With MacKeeper™ you will never again forget any required update that improves and speeds up your computer. A simple and clear panel provides you with detailed info to keep you up to date.

Mac Keeper

Protects Your Data

Some of the files that are important to you can be hidden from unwanted users. These files that you protect through MacKeeper™ will not be visible on your hard drive. No one will gain access to them, no matter how they search for them. Only MacKeeper™ lets you access this data.

Mac Keeper


MacKeeper™ advanced features help protect your computer from phishing, viruses, and malware. With the use of a mobile app you can get information about who or what is currently trying to steal data from your Mac. In addition to that, MacKeeper™ provides secure web browsing.

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New Convenient iOS app - Track My Mac For Tracking And Locating Your Device, Remote Lock And Other Actions

MacKeeper User's Reviews

Mac Keeper


"My MacBook Pro's performance has been very bad for some time now. I tried to figure out how I can speed it up myself, but my efforts gave a small, if not zero, effect. I'm not savvy enough so I trusted MacKeeper™, which we use at work. Ever since I downloaded it, my Mac works great again."

Mac Keeper


"I'm very satisfied with this app. At first I had some difficulties in using it, but the tech support assistant explained everything to me very clearly and professionally. This much professional service should be everywhere! To add to this, MacKeeper™ is a really convenient and comprehensive tool."

Mac Keeper


"Ever since I installed MacKeeper™ on my Mac I can't stop being impressed. Not only it catches errors that other programs didn't even notice, but also fully optimizes your computer's performance, restoring its speed and drive space. And it has so many useful features. Even data and anti-phishing protection! Awesome!"

Breathe New Life Into Your Mac!

Forget about thousands of applications to enhance your computer. MacKeeper™ is a solution for all modern people who value comfort and complexity.

Safety Guaranteed

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